An Insider's Guide to the Greek Islands

The most scenic sun getaway may happen to be vacationing on the Greek Islands. If you're like me, I  knew little to nothing about vacationing in Greece prior to my trip. And of course I was frantically searching for recommendations from my friends who have visited these scenic islands previously.

Now after our own trip, I have a few tips and tricks to share:

Ft. an Insider's Guide to the Greek Islands 

My General Recommendations:

1. Take a Ferry to your Island Destination: If you're vacationing on the Islands of Greece, you'll most likely fly into Greece via Athens airport. Although you can take flights from the Athens airport to the islands' airports (as we did our first time around), locals time and time again recommend taking a ferry. At around €40, it's almost always the same if not cheaper than a flight with less hassle as you avoid dealing with checked luggage and the strict security of airports. Also, the ferrys leave multiple times throughout the day where flights to and from the island can be every two days.

2.  Island Hop: Take the extra few days off work and extend your stay in Greece to 7-10 days allowing for time to hop from island to island. Almost all islands have ferrys connecting each other making this a pretty simple, and even last minute, idea to plan. My recommendations? Santorini, Myknonos, and Crete.

3. EAT: Eat, eat again, and keep eating. Actually don't plan on stopping. Make sure to get your fair share of Taziki dip while in Greece because you'll never have dip that amazing again. Also, Mykonos has these iced coffee drinks called coffee latte frappes and warning, they may change your life. I had around three a day. These are the Greek Island's specialty so make sure to get your fix while there because the inland, such as Athens, don't have these.

4. Skip the Bus and Rent an ATV: This is hands down the best way to get around most of the islands. Especially if you're going outside of the main city, it saves time, allows you to see much more, and gives you extreme flexibility. On Mykonos, all the beaches you had to drive to from downtown and they offered these horrid, college spring break style busses you could take to and from the beach costing you about €8 round trip. An ATV costs €20 a day and can fit two people. Plus with an ATV you can beach hop and not be stuck to one beach your entire day. Trust me, don't even consider those miserable busses. Get yourself an ATV and have the time of your life.

Mykonos Recommendations: 

We stayed at Eleanna's, a private room located in the heart of downtown Chora. Our window was the little blue one up at the top.
Strolling the beautiful streets of Chora and Little Italy.
 The Church of Panagia Paraportiani.


1. Where to Stay:  

You'll want to stay in Chora, the downtown area of Mykonos. Here are many of the must see attractions as well as the iconic white stained streets and booming restaurants.

2. What to See:  

Drive (or walk) to the windmills one afternoon. Stroll through the beautiful streets of Little Venice and take your time shopping and eating all the gelato and street food your heart desires. And don't miss the Church of Panagia Paraportiani (See all pictured below).

3. Beaches

Mykonos offers a bit of everything when it comes to beaches. For a social, party atmosphere beach Paradise Beach is your answer. We opted out of that scene and decided to go around on our ATV's and discover the handful of famous beautiful, yet more secluded beaches of Mykonos. Beach hopping was one of my favorite things we did on the island and I highly recommend it. There was something so youthfully fun about driving around the ATV's on the island as well. Our beach recommendations? From Chora, check out Ornos, Platis Gialos, and Agia Anna Beach.

All in all, Mykonos is a lovely place for your next sun holiday. If you have any questions about your upcoming trip or just want to chat, feel free to reach me here. 

But what do you wear? 

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