The • B O L O • Tie

bolo tie: vintage
blouse:  thrift store
jeans: forever 21
shoes: H&M 

Western wear continued....

Introducing the  B O L O  T I E , my favorite accessory of the season.
I like to go 100% authentic here and look for the leather, sterling silver, real turquoise, vintage bolo tie- the kind that you know has a killer background story.

I love the modern, clean look the classic white collar blouse, black jeans, and pointed toe camel boots offer. Even more, it's the addition of the navajo and western resembling accessories that make this outfit.

My tip on styling a bolo tie: start by pairing it with a collar shirt. This is the most universally flattering way I've seen them styled. Also, stay with neutral colors at first (my favorite being white). Start simple, and maybe even stay simple. You want all the attention to be on that bolo tie after all.

We went up to Racoon Mountain to do this golden hour shoot. My disco ball even got to make a guest appearance. Happy days.

That's all for now loves,