How to Style Robes as Outerwear

Introducing one of the biggest trends in 2017,
and a personal favorite of mine,


robes as outerwear.

(See my tips and tricks below)

outfit one

Pink Silk Robe

robe: JC Penny
jumper: Target
boots: BCBG

I love how instantly GLAM this outfit comes across as. Whether floor length or mid calf, heels are a must when styling robes as outerwear because they elongate the entire ensemble, showing off the entirety of your robe and giving you that regal look. With a silk robe, I like to keep the under layer simple allowing all the attention to be on the robe. 
And of course friends, black is always safe.

outfit two

Blue Satin Dior Robe

robe: Christian Dior
tank: Urban Outfitters
belt: Brighton
shoes: thrift store

Ah Dior, you are too good to me. I love styling this insanely lightweight, airy, yet ultra feminine robe with something a little more edgy and urban.


outfit three

The Sheer Robe

robe, top: thrift store
shorts: Urban Outfitters
necklace: Kohl's

This is just a testament to how lovely mid-calf length robes can actually be. They are absolute perfection when paired with ankle boots. For some reason, this unconventional negative space formed becomes insanely perfect. Also, look at the details on this robe- I'm obsessed. The bunching on the back forms the most flattering shape and fall of the robe while the unique trim/collar frames the entire outfit perfectly.

--   --  --  --  --  --  --  --  -- --   --

Overall my tips on Styling Robes as Outerwear:

1. There are no real style rules here so do what you want. Want to wear a robe to a business meeting because you feel insanely confident in it? Do it. Love what you're in and other people will love it too.
2.  Explore different trouser options. Get creative here. Sometimes your robe is best styled with a simple short black slip underneath. Sometimes jeans. Sometimes insanely funky, structured trousers. Try them all.
3. Change your hair. Seriously. No two robe collars are alike so experiment with whether your robe is best styled with your hair up or down. Just your hair can change the whole feel of an outfit.
4. Play with texture. That's probably my favorite aspect about styling robes. They're all unique, made of different materials, and because of this all have extremely interesting textures. Play off these and don't be afraid to partner a wool turtleneck with a chunky necklace, cotton shorts, and a sheer lightweight robe.

Best of luck to you babes,

Photography by: A N G E L A