The Slip Dress

dress: thrift store
jacket: gh bass & co.
boots: bcbg

 It's all in the details.
And this dress has details indeed.

I found this slip at my favorite thrift-store in town, American Thrift, and immediately knew- it was love at first sight. The intricacy of the lace detail on this garment is enough to make one swoon, but then you notice the negative space left by the open back and see through areas and there's no turning back.

I love the elegance of this garment- being black and floor length- yet in itself it is an extremely causal item of clothing, a slip. I love pairing it with an edgy jacket that allows the detail and see-through areas to peek out. Lounge wear/lingerie being worn as every day street style is a trend that's here to stay, for at least a while, and I'm enjoying every second of it.

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All the best wishes in the whole world to you today,