Vacay Trousers

blouse: pull&bear
trousers: vintage
shoes, sunnies: forever 21 

šŸ“Barcelona, Spain

Can you say Holiday Vacation?! A much needed one indeed. If you're like me,  I'm starting to get used to this time of year's weather. Here in Dublin it tends to be chilly, damp, and grey but as the weather progresses, so does the much transition to the much awaited holiday season. No matter the love you have for this time of year or the cold, some part of each of us longs for a retreat to somewhere warmer. Here enters Barcelona.

Last week I spent a week traveling around Western Europe. We began in Berlin, progressed to Paris, and ended our time in Barcelona. We did a lot of resting in our time here, slowly taking in the sites but most of all, enjoying the surprisingly warm weather.

I purchased these trousers about a month ago at a vintage flea market in Dublin, unsure of when I would wear them next due to the already local in-climate weather. So to say the least, I was overjoyed to pull these out in Barcelona. I paired them with a light, flowy blouse, tucking the blouse in to show off their amazing shape and flattering fall. The wind and this outfit instantly became best friends, and I marveled in the beauty of that friendship and the effortless style they produced. Altogether, this was a good day, a good outfit, and a good memory.

That's all for now,