The Perfect Classic Blouse

blouse: pull&bear
jeans: thrift store
necklace: vintage
boots, sunnies: forever 21

Here it is. My favorite item in my closet right now. This white blouse is everything and has completely reinvented my closet. It's the staple I never knew I needed, yet have been missing for quite some time now. I know this sounds extreme, but I truly do not know how I got on without it before this. 

This blouse is the perfect item for the day. Pair it over jeans and leave it unbuttoned for a classic, casual, yet cool look. Or you can choose to layer a jean jacket over it, pop the collar, and you have a completely new look. You can even wear this blouse as an under layer, pairing a pullover sweater/knit over it. 

This blouse is also the perfect item for night. Hello favorite date outfit! Throw on a flowy black skirt under this blouse and you have a more feminine, flirty look. Or tuck this blouse into a nice pair of high waited jeans, showing off your curves, and you have a simple, yet sexy and edgy outfit. (I even like to throw on a leather jacket here). Also, the neckline of this blouse begs to be accompanied by a killer necklace, like the one above, so don't be shy to accessorize!

All in all, my recommendation: 10/10 get one. Drop everything else you need to buy on your list and move this to top priority because friend, having one of these is of the utmost importance when it comes to your wardrobe. Below are my recommendations on finding the perfect blouse:

  1. Start at a shop similar to H&M, Zara, Topshop, Forever 21.
  2. Look for neutral colors or colors that play well with others. You will be partnering this blouse with almost everything in your closet so think ahead in regards to this.
  3. Material is key. Material has to do with how the blouse falls on you, so make sure you invest in the right material that falls on your body shape in the most flattering way. Mine happens to be lightweight, thin, and flowy material. It falls to my figure and doesn't have too strict of a structure.
  4. Length, length, length. This is essential too. If you go too short, you began to lose the ability to layer effectively as well as the option to casually throw it over a flowy skirt. If you go too long, well, it'd be a maxi dress. Length wise, stay somewhere in the realm of mine and you should be fine.
Good luck and I say this because I care: the sooner you add this classic blouse to your closet, the happier you'll be.