All Things Metallic

skirt: H&M
top: thrift store
boots: forever 21
sunnies: rayban

Never have I been more in love with a piece of clothing, until now.

Introducing this season's it skirt. 

I've been searching for the perfect metallic skirt for some time now and while shopping the other day here in Dublin, I happened upon this beauty. The unique shape, length, and fall of this skirt weirdly come together in all the right ways to form a flattering piece that provides flashbacks from the movie, "Zenon, girl of the 21st century". Not to mention, partnering this skirt with a pair of metallic Raybans forms a pulled together, totally 90's look. 

Here in Dublin (and really all over Europe) 90's are in full swing yet back in the States, most stores and trends are still stuck in the 70's. Although I can't complain, with the 70's being my favorite decade, I am slowly adjusting to European trends and filtering through which one's are my style and how to incorporate them into my daily wear. Lovely, lovely metallics and not so lovely t-shirt layerings cover storefronts and everywhere you look, it's all 90's. It's absolutely mental.

Nonetheless, I love this skirt. What a statement piece. I'm obsessed with its structured shape, strict fall, and odd length. Add mini pleats and metallic colors and you have yourself the it skirt. Coming soon to every store near you- look for it in H&M, Forever 21, Zara.

That's all for now loves,