The Coat You Need In Your Closet This Fall

jacket, shoes: forever 21
jeans, briefcase: thrift store 

Here it is. THE coat you need in your closet this fall. I stumbled upon this beauty in store a few weeks ago and immediatley began dreaming about fall weather, falling leaves, a chill in the air and walking the streets of Dublin wearing this outfit. Flash forward, and it's a dream come true. In less than four days, I will be living out this exact scene. No, this is not a drill, this is real life and how neat is it that this coat can be worn to welcome in fall over here in Tennessee as well as over in Ireland. 

I love partnering this coat with black jeans, ones with the knees cut out of course, and black, sleek boots. It gives the outfit an urban, city vibe and adding the beautiful maroon briefcase ties the entire outfit together.

Loves, it's happening. I'd love for you all to join me, to follow me in my journey abroad.

Until next time,