European Trend 1: The Jean Jacket

jacket, sweater, shoes, sunnies: forever 21
jeans: thrift store

Loves, I am in Dublin. 
I'm going to repeat that, mostly for my sake because I can't believe it, I am in Dublin.  Yesterday marked two weeks of being here and with it, surged a handful of satisfying feelings. Feeling geographically aware, feeling socially capable, feeling as if I can begin building my life here, wanting to begin building my life here. So many emotions, but through it all the most important feeling surfaced, hope. I felt a hope for what is to come, for what the next few months hold for me. 

It's been two weeks and within the first two days I realized this experience would be nothing I had originally expected it to be. With that emerged doubts, fears, and overall uneasiness. The first few days were hard. I spent a lot of time thinking "what have I done", unable to see past the current moment of difficulty. I kept putting myself out there and being repeatedly  humbled by city and university social norms. BUT here I am, the start of week three and I can't wait. I can't wait to see my friends and laugh about miserably failing at karaoke this past weekend. I can't wait to go to my classes and discuss visual merchandising rules in a retail environment. I'm excited, and I look forward to moving forward, learning, and loving more. 

Guys, two words: European style. It's so different, it's so 90's. One of my favorite trends here is the jean jacket. I picked up one from the Forever 21 here in town and fell in love immediately. With it being the perfect piece to finish off any outfit, I honestly have to tell myself I can't wear it every day. I love partnering it with jeans and a black body suit, sweater, or even a black dress. It truly goes with everything and Also check out the trendy button I found on the side of the road here. I'm hoping I'll be lucky enough to find more additions for the jean jacket.

Well, that's all for now.
Until next time,