The Vintage Suit

 bathing suit: vintage - collective clothing  

Hello August, the official hottest month of the year, and thank you for bringing to life my vintage bathing suits. I have a handful of suits collected throughout the years, including my mother's black one piece from the 70's as well as this gem shown above. How flirty and fun is this blue floral one piece? As much as I wish the neckline was lower, sleeker I truly love this piece's authentic vintage style. With the flared skirt and dip in the back, I imagine a cute young woman playing in the waves circa 1973. This moment solely being documented by a single polaroid photo her husband captured of her. It's a romantic notion, but this suit's charm and functionality are tangible even in modern day. I love getting to pull suits like these out of the corners of my closet and wear them when I go sailing throughout the week, one of my favorite past times this summer. Nonetheless, bathing suits are tricky and finding the right one for the right occasion is important, so here it is. If you're wondering where a good place to start in your search for your own vintage suit is, start with your local thrift stores, mom's closet, or even local vintage stores- my favorite here in Chattanooga being Collective Clothing where I snagged this beauty.

Go out and be charming and unopposed to being charmed.