It's Wedding Season!

dress, sunnies: forever 21
boots: BCBG 

It's that time of year again when you find yourself going to a wedding every weekend. In T-minus 4 days, my friends and I will be jumping into our car and heading to Johnson City, Tennessee for the next one. This particular wedding happens to be for my room mate all throughout college and her hubby, a previous colleague of mine- how fun! When wedding season comes, excitement begins to bubble up in my stomach and I crave the dancing, the flirting, the laughing and of course, the outfits. It's sort of dumb how much happiness good clothes, worn well brings me (I guess I'm easy to please) and a wedding is the exact place to find this in high percentage.

Flash forward to the weekend of and one may find his or herself standing and staring ambiguously into one's closet, hoping the perfect outfit will simply jump into his or her arms. The best thing to avoid the too often reoccurring lost feeling springing from the "I have nothing to wear" moment, is preparation. This isn't rocket science friends, and it's not time consuming either. It's simply about having one good suit or dress tucked away for this year's wedding season. This blush dress above is my go to this wedding season. It has three qualities that make the perfect semi-formal dress: simplicity, elegance, and flirtiness.

I love how classic this dress is. I love how simple it is yet it's straps make the dress very unique, one of a kind. The cut is sexy, yet elegant and the blush color and fall of the dress make it extremely feminine and flirty. All in all, this dress is perfect for wedding season and can even be used when spring weddings cycle around. I love to pair this dress with bold accessories starting with the sleek, black heels. The pointed toe and thick 70's heel take this outfit from "cute" to "whoa", giving the outfit a high fashion, city feel. I topped it all off with my favorite cuffs, rings, statement sunglasses, and a handsome date.

Now go out and slay wedding season, because you can-