4 Secrets to "Urban (ifying)" Your Favorite Overalls

top, overalls, bracelets: thrift store
sandals, sunnies: old navy

Who would've thought- overalls gone urban. I may have officially delivered the opposite of one's stereotypical expectation when they imagine sunflower overalls. The one that features a blonde haired sorority girl in a sunflower field wearing her sunflower overalls.  

Update: Overalls are now urban.    
Do you know how many millennials in Brooklyn are wearing a pair right now? The number is probably larger than my bank account. Nonetheless, I love throwing on this simple pair of overalls and roaming the streets of Chattanooga imagining I'm in NYC. Here are some tips and tricks to "urban (ify)" your favorite pair of overalls:
  1. Since overalls tend to be simple and rather minimalistic, partner them with your favorite jewelry pieces that show off your personality. Mine happen to be these fun boho cuffs that I've collected throughout the years from unconventional stores (thrift & vintage stores, out of town markets, and family heirlooms).
  2. Urban it up. Add some urban flair to your overalls by pairing it with something chic. My favorite items that will immediately do the trick include a knit beanie, black suede large-faced sunglasses, or sleek black heels (maybe even these boots with a my favorite 70's heel). 
  3. When in doubt, wear black. The best way to immediately " urban (ify) " any outfit is to wear black. Wear a black coat, black beanie, black sunglasses, black sweater, black heels, black bag, black black and maybe some dark grey.
  4.  Add texture. Especially if you are staying in the grayscale family, textures are super fun to play with. When you have black, dark grey, and some maroon, mix-matching textures when done correctly makes you look like an expert, a famous fashion blogger if you dare.
I hope this inspires you to pull out your favorite pair of overalls and go for it. No matter where you live, what job you wake up and go to, we can all share in this experience of urban overalls.

Until next time,