The Perfect PJ Set

PJ set: target
book: Mortal Instruments Series

For some time now I've wanted a PJ set to have, to hold, to call my own. The thing about a PJ set is in this current stage of singleness, this purchase is solely for myself. Behind it is the concept that this purchase is solely for myself alone to enjoy and revel in. I have this glamorous idea behind a PJ set- that with it comes treating myself to a night in followed by a lazy morning spent reading, sipping coffee, and having rooftop conversations with my sweet room mate. All in all, this rooted desire for a PJ set extends beyond the articles of clothing to my underlying desire to treat myself- to take care of myself, to give myself a break, to tell myself to stop and be still. Recently, I've allowed myself to stay in and pass on the local CFC soccer game or a night out with friends simply because I want to. I've extended to myself quality time... with myself. I've found that rest, in its simplest form, is essential to me being myself. Without time to stop and re-energize my emotional and physical self, I become an unrecognizable form of myself.

I don't like her very much.

So the other day, exhausted from work I found myself wandering the aisles of target, looking for something, anything to make me less apathetic. I stumbled upon this PJ set and I knew. I knew this wasn't a simple purchase, but a choice to take care of myself through allowing myself to rest. This was me extending grace to myself, acknowledging that I can't do it all, all the time and that's okay. 

So here I am. Restful, in my PJ set, feeling a little more like myself. I guess the right piece of clothing really can change your life.

Until next time -