bodysuit: forever 21
skirt: thrift store
shoes: american eagle
necklace: urban outfitters
bag: vintage  

A pep talk. That's what it takes for me to close my car door, walk into the room, and wear this black plunging bodysuit with confidence. I've been wanting this piece in my closet for some time now yet when I finally found it, my first instinct was to not wear it in public given it's hint of risque (here in the south at least). It's always a challenge walking the line between style and modesty. What I've realized is that I have to set that for myself. That way, at the end of the day instead of exhausting myself trying to please everyone around me, I've made the decision I believe to be right and I still like myself because of it. This bodysuit is bold, sleek and commands the room's respect. It's perfect for a girl's night out on the town. As I write this, my mind wanders to two months down the road and what my GNO's will look like then. 

For those of you who don't know beginning in September, I will be in Dublin, Ireland studying fashion, media and marketing abroad at Griffith College. I find myself repeating "this is my life" under my breath hoping that simple statement will help me grasp my ever changing reality. I'm starting to grasp the concept that in two months I will be living in, traveling from, blogging about and enjoying all Dublin has to offer. Studying abroad has been a dream of mine for some time now, especially when it comes to studying media and fashion internationally. But up until two months ago, I classified this opportunity as unattainable. 

10 AM, sitting in class, checking my email; this is the moment it all changed. I had made a Gofundme site about a month prior to that time but had not shared it with anyone. I was taking steps towards studying abroad but deep down, I still thought "not me". After all, who am I to have this opportunity. But there in my inbox lied an email stating someone had donated to my study abroad fund. It was Drake.

I met Drake in my class earlier that semester. The first day the professor explained we would need to pair up for projects throughout the semester. Drake and I agreed to be partners but not after he leaned over to me and said, "Before you say yes, know that I work full-time and have a daughter I take care of on my own. I may not have a ton of free time." Taken aback, I paused, looked him in the eye and stated, "that won't be a problem". I would be lying if I told you Drake and I became close throughout the semester, we didn't. We still are relative strangers to each other. But what did happen is Drake consistently went above and beyond in group projects, was extremely respectful and gave me a ride to my car in the rain. I have no idea how Drake found out about my Gofundme site, but I'm glad he did. 10 Am, sitting there in class I began crying. I should've felt ridiculous, but all I could manage was to not completely fall apart- This kind, kind stranger. I realized if Drake believes in me, I should start believing in myself more.

Here I am now, about to purchase a $1000 plane ticket heading half way across the world, where I'll know no one to live for three months. It's real. It's really happening and my heart is bursting at the seams with excitement, joy, and contentedness. 

You can share in this with me by following my blog while I am oversees.  
Also here is a link to my Gofundme if you feel inclined to give.

Until next time loves-