The Perfect Busy Summer Day Outfit

 top, shorts: collective clothing
bag: thrift store
sandals: free people
sunglasses: old navy

With this school year coming to a close, the last few weeks have been hectic, yet beautiful. With finals week complete, internships started, and friendships sweeter than ever, I feel I can finally pause and mentally take everything in. Today is a day I sit and write down goals, plans, and dreams for myself. I outline how I want to accomplish these and why they matter to me. Big things are in the making and I can't wait to share these with you all!

Today I'm running errands around town, stopping in my favorite coffee shop to get some work done, and grabbing a late lunch with some sweet friends of mine. This outfit is perfect for all the above. The silk open-faced blouse that screams 70's is a dream come true. I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago at the vintage store, Collective Clothing, here in town.  Also, my favorite sandals are making their first debut of the season. These sandals are my staple summer sandals, ones that are great for any occasion. They honestly are the perfect sandals. What can I say, Free People does it right. It's warming up here in Chattanooga and I'm excited for this transition to summer wear - more to come soon. 

Bye for now,