Newsworthy Jumper

 jumper, shoes: thrift store
earrings: world market
Here we go again. 

This is me feebly attempting to balance working full time while still trying to stay inspired, lively, passionate, bold, and true to myself. I sit in this coffee shop reflecting on my summer thus far and I'm left with a mix of emotions, a web of confused, undefinable feelings. In the midst of it all, I realize my life is very full and it's time for me to start producing actions from these feelings of mine. Welcome to my active summer- where I am bold, honest, and always moving forward. 

In the craziness, loneliness, fullness, and all the ups and downs, the last thing I have time for is deciding what I am going to wear. With my recent internship I've run into this area of fashion I've never considered/consciously avoided -    business casual

I'm sitting in this coffee shop laughing aloud at how ridiculous that sounds. But truly, my style is more of one that compromises polish and professionalism for bold, sexy, yet simple. Therefore, I've run into a small challenge/inconvenience when determining how to dress for my internship. Above is one of my favorite business casual outfits. Although this jumper may be more casual than business due to the length of the skirt, I feel this is an outfit in which I no longer compromise my style for professionalism. It's very me and I feel extremely true to myself in this outfit. These red snake skin, pointed-toe booties are a recent find from the local thrift store as well as my favorite item in my closet right now. This outfit is the perfect mixture of simplicity and boldness, two words that are very important to me amidst this season.

Go out with honesty, integrity, and give it all you have.

Until next time-