70's Skirt

blouse: forever 21
skirt: thrift store
shoes: BCBG

Hi lovely little loves! Can I first off thank each one of you reading this right now. Thank you for following me in this adventure and thank you for caring about what I love to do. I am feeling especially grateful today. For some reason, this blog post feels like a milestone for me and looking back, modestdeposits has come so far. So thanks for being there through it all.

Shout out to American Thrift here in town. I stopped in about two weeks ago and found this leather skirt as well as these BCBG boots. Can you say jackpot?! I love partnering both of these pieces with this open faced blouse that balances out the whole outfit and makes it classy, yet slightly sexy. Also, these open faced blouses are becoming increasingly popular (although still slightly risqué for the south). On another note, I'm obsessed with these BCBG boots - I mean just look at that heel. I feel almost like Weworewhat in these and feel unexplainably empowered by that. 

Alright loves, that's all for now.