sweater: american eagle
tank, shoes: thrift store
jeans: forever 21
necklace: lucky

Hello hello friends! Isn't this furry cheetah tank totally blog worhty? I sure think so. You know what else I think? Although big things are happening- I'm writing my first fashion article for UTC's newspaper this week (yay!)- I'm truly waiting for bigger things to happen. I feel as if I'm in a season of waiting. If I'm being honest, I've been in a season of waiting for some time now but have refused to admit it. As if the act of not acknowledging it makes it not actually true.  

Today, this changes. Here's the thing, not only am I choosing to acknowledge this season of my life, but I'm choosing to live in the freedom of it. Since when did waiting become so frowned upon? No doubt it has some societal tie to the fact that we no longer wait for anything - instant gratification amirite- BUT waiting in today's society is undeniably looked down upon. As if one is forced to wait because he or she is not good enough right now, bu will be, or may be later. Today, I actively run from that lie. Today, I admit that I do not enjoy waiting, but realize waiting is not a bad thing. On the contrary, the season of waiting is at its core good. It is a stretching time, in which you learn more about the truth and lies you believe about yourself, about God, and therefore, what you want to do about them. 

I wait with anticipation for what is to come yes, but I live in waiting the same as I live in the fulfillment of my hopes and dreams because here's the things- my God is the same throughout it all. My God's promises and truth are the same in all seasons of life. And ultimately, my hopes, my dreams, and all I could ever want have already been completed when Christ died for me. 

Okay, I'm done.