Saturday Nights

line up:
pocket science
i can japan

These are my Saturdays. Nights spent with my best friends, laughing (hard), dancing freely, smoking too many Bali Hai's, crowding into a tiny basement, and pretending it's Seth's birthday. 

This past Saturday night was spent with forty friends and strangers all tucked into a quaint little basement in St. Elmo. Around 8pm, people had gathered with one purpose in mind, to listen to good music and support our friends while doing so. I am fortunate enough to have met some incredible people throughout my time in college, a few of them being in local bands. These house shows have become a regular occurrence and their fondness continues to grow on me, my friends, and others plugged into this community of supporters. Each house show holds this excitement of the unknown yet expectation of something great. Partnered together, one can almost always count on a memorable, almost euphoric experience.

The line up this past Saturday consisted of two local Chattanooga bands, Stepfathers and Harbor, joined by two bands from Nashville, Pocket Science and I Can Japan. Consistently, local band Harbor has been hosting these house shows and Stepfathers, also from Chattanooga, often partners with them. I've come to love Harbor's sound. Its vibes leave you with a euphoric sense of memory while at the same time making you feel like in that very moment you can do or be anyone you want, that in that moment you are infinite. It's weird, and although my explanation may sound unidentifiable,  a Harbor house show is an experience everyone should partake in at least once. And if it happens to be in a trendy basement with some of your best friends, that's just an added bonus.

Until next time,