Keep on with Your Bad Self

sweater: thrift store
pants: jessica simpson
necklace: american eagle
scarf: francesca's
shoes: forever 21

Hello loves. I feel like this sweater should be in an Urban Outfitters catalog, yet I paid $4.99 for it at a local thrift store. Also, can we talk about how edgy these leather leggings make me feel? One thing I most love about this outfit is the way it personally represents this concept of my closet building on itself. This is basically the concept of you acquiring items of clothing throughout time, tucking them into your closet, and whether it's months or years later, peeking into your closet one day and realizing you have a full blown wardrobe without ever establishing that as an end goal. It's a point that every individual most likely will reach, the sooner the better because once you have the basis of your wardrobe, this leaves you room to reach out, experiment, and be bold and brave in your style choices. I found this sweater about 2 years ago, these leggings 15 months ago, but necklace only two months ago. 

If there is any insight to take from this, it's that style is developed. Style is a journey and maybe it is never done developing.

Keep on with your bad self-