Winter Essentials

scarf: ebay
jacket: thrift store
sunglasses: free people 
leather leggings: jessica simpson
booties: forever 21

Hello friends- well it's midway into December, finals are over, and I feel like I can finally breathe again. So with that being said, I have decided it's time to say goodbye to the messy hair and lazy outfits of finals week and say hello to some of my favorite pieces for this upcoming winter season!
The first of these are my leather leggings. Not only are these effortlessly stylish and chic, but they are extremely warm as well. These are for sure my go to as the weather gets cooler and I still want to look effortlessly put together.
Another one of my favorite winter pieces is this amazing plaid blanket scarf. There are numerous ways to style it and did I mention how extremely warm it keeps you?

The last of these winter essentials is an oversized jean coat. I love how urban I feel in this coat, as if I could be on the streets of New York City going to my favorite coffee shop to apply for internships. Nonetheless, not only is this jean jacket very versatile and stylish, you can also layer it with other jackets and therefore it has the potential to keep you very warm this winter. 
I loved pulling these items out of my closet and being reminded of the joy your favorite clothes can bring you. I hope this inspires you all to go find that joy tucked away in the back of your closet.

Bye for now,