Style Shoutout: Black Jumpsuit

jumpsuit: young fabulous and broke
heels: target
lipstick: target

There's a certain unexplainable thrill in wearing all black- as if you can accomplish any and everything when wearing black head to toe. Yesterday, I decided it was time to pull this jumpsuit out of my closet and dust if off from last fall. After giving myself a pep talk, I slipped on this black jumpsuit and felt like the baddest, yet most professional version of myself. I partnered this jumpsuit with bright pink lipstick, one of my favorite shades right now, and my maroon suede heels (I also have some pointed toe, cheetah print flats I love to wear with this outfit).

The main reason I love this outfit is because it's me- this outfit is something specifically I pull off well. There is something to be respected when people dress themselves in a way that is not only personalized to, but specific to themselves; when people wear something that only they can pull off. That's what style is all about- finding your own.

Go out and flaunt your style, be bold, be you-
Bye for now,