Style Shoutout: Shorts and Boots

outfit one
top, boots: thrift store
shorts: levi's
necklace: kohls
bag: dooney & bourke
 outfit two
tops, shorts, boots: thrift store
necklace: kohls

outfit three
top: target
shorts, boots: thrift store
necklace: kohls

Fall is in the air guys, I can feel it. This time of year is perfect for one of my favorite trends right now- shorts and boots. It's simply so fun to partner your favorite cut offs from the summer with some of your fall favorites. I've been eagerly waiting to pull out my many tall boots tucked away neatly in my closets (yes, I have two) and with the season changing rapidly, it is finally time. If you haven't realized yet, I am a thrift store addict. This "addiction" has served me well. Here in Chattanooga I go thrifting about once a week and almost always find praiseworthy pieces. Within the last month, I've purchased numerous pairs of boots from local thrift stores, including the three pictured above. Cute, comfortable, and all under $5 each, these boots will serve me well throughout the coming cool months. 

If you are looking for my advice on boots I would recommend going bold. Always push boundaries and your comfort zone when it comes to new pieces, because anyone can wear normal boots- not everyone can wear thigh highs amirite? With this being said, the number one recommendation I can give you with anything you plan to wear is make sure you feel confident in it. You can rock anything you fully believe you can rock. With that in mind- go out and be bold this fall season!

Bye for now,