Style Shoutout: Not Just Any Leather Jacket

jacket: thrift store
top: target
necklace, jeans: american eagle
shoes: forever 21
What can I say- this leather jacket really is what it's all about. I happened upon this gem the other day while thrifting in a local store and immediately felt like the girl version of Ponyboy from outsiders -   does he even wear a leather jacket? probably not but I feel like he should-   Nonetheless, slipping this jacket on immediately gives me an effortlessly cool composure and I feel like climbing to scenic heights with my friends and smoking cigarettes. I partnered this leather jacket with a black flowing top and dark jeans to keep it simple. Then I added the statement necklace and lipstick in order to incorporate a feminine side to the whole outfit. I look forward to styling this jacket in numerous other ways, it has lots of potential and will for sure keep me warm in the upcoming cool months. 

Breaking news, the term "thrifting" is not a legitimate word.

Bye for now,