How to Pack for a Weekend Trip

This time of year is perfect for a weekend getaway to the mountains or a weekend shopping trip to your nearest Tanger Outlets. In honor of Fall Break coming up soon for us college students, I thought I would write about how to perfectly pack for a weekend trip.

The first thing is your bag 
Start with a medium size bag. You might be tempted to go with a rather small overnight bag, thinking that you will only need to pack for two days- fight this urge! You will want a bag that will be able to fit all of your miscelaneous items such as shoes, hats, books, umbrella, not just your clothes. Here is the thing- invest in a good quality, good looking, very durable medium size bag. You will wear out this bag, and it is much better to invest in this item now than deal with it breaking on you, or not being what you exactly need, later. I have a few different bags, but my main bags I use for weekend trips are canvas weekender bags.

The second thing is look at the weather
This is huge. Is it going to be hot, chilly, rainy? You must pack accordingly for this. 

The third thing is pick items that are universal or can double as different pieces
This means packing your favorite v-neck, your favorite pair of jeans, your favorite ankle boots, your favorite flowy cotton tank, a jean shirt, a simple dress, etc. Pick pieces that can be casual but can also be used to dress nice or edgy.

The fourth thing is cut back or limit your clothing items
Do you need to pack for cold weather? Good, bring one jacket, one sweater, and one flannel not five sweaters. Do you need to pack for rainy weather? Good, bring a rain jacket or umbrella- not both. Also in regards to this, look for items that can meet multiple needs. I have a pair of cargo boots that are good for the rain, the cold, and for hiking. This saves me from packing rain boots, hiking boots,  and a cute pair of boots. Do not cut back on socks or underwear- we've all been there and it's not so hot. 

All in all, with time and practice, you will learn how to efficiently pack a weekend bag specifically tailored to your needs. Because weekend trips are my ish- I've almost got it down to a science and you will too. I can't wait to share with you some of the weekend trips I have upcoming this fall.

Bye for now,