Style Shoutout: Fall Wardrobe Essentials

top: urban outfitters
jeans: forever 21
pullover, watch: thrift store
ankle boots: target
lipstick: burt's bees

Guys- yesterday might have been the most beautiful day this year so far. The cool fall weather partnered with all day sunshine and a light breeze made shooting for this blog an absolute blast. Rachel and I set out yesterday afternoon to an abandoned part of town near Main Street hoping to find some new places to shoot photos. We happened upon some really great places: old walls, abandoned factories, fields, and even an abandoned place we named "The Institute". All in all, yesterday was the best and I am excited to share with you The Essential Pieces I Believe Every Girl Should Have In Her Closet This Fall.

The first of these is a black and white striped shirt. It can be really any cut, v-neck, round neck, loose fitting, high low, etc. Mine happens to be this neat little tee with only one sleeve. I stumbled upon this at urban outfitters in Nashville for $9- what a steal!
Next is your classic boyfriend jeans. I prefer mine loose with numerous holes and tears. I like to cuff mine and partner them with some sort of ankle boots that hit right above the ankle.
Next is a comfy, over sized pullover. I almost feel like the girl version of Justin Bieber when I wear this outfit. It might be a long stretch, and I mean a long long stretch, but the over sized clothing somehow partnered together looks somewhat bad ass and it reminds me of his style lately. Find the pullover that looks best on you; everyone is different. Mine happens to have this nice, loose turtleneck neckline that I am in love with right now.
Also, it's not fall until you pull out your large watches from hibernation this past summer. It's an unexplainable concept really but this thought is almost universal to most, that big watches are to be worn when it gets cooler. I have numerous watches but my favorite right now is this large faces, leather strap watch that I found at a thrift store for $12. 
Lastly, investing in a wine colored lipstick last fall season was one of the best decisions for my style and overall confidence. If you have been weary of lipstick, not sure if you want to branch out and try it, take this as a sign. This lipstick can be dressed down or dressed up but wither way it finishes off any outfit and makes you look effortlessly put together. Also, it turns any outfit instantly more warm and fall- like.

One last thing, stores are now marking down these fall essentials to make room for new shipments of winter inventory. This means now is the time to find these essentials at really affordable prices! I found my boyfriend jeans last week on sale for $11 and my shirt on sale for $9. I wish you guys all the luck in the world-

Bye for now,