Style Shoutout: Little Green Dress

dress: american eagle
sweater: free people
boots: target
necklace: american eagle

In celebration of this week being the first official week of fall, I thought we should talk about how to transition your summer wardrobe to fall. Before you go out and buy all the flannel you can get your hands on, look to your summer wardrobe to see if there are any pieces that can make this transition with you into fall. I have quite a few pieces of my own that will be making this transition with me- one of them being the earth green dress pictured above. This staple summer sundress is perfect to partner with fall essentials such as sweaters, turtlenecks, statement necklaces, boots, etc. If you live in the south like I do, you've probably noticed that even in the months of September and October it can still be blazing hot outside. Here in Chattanooga, the first day of fall reached temperatures of eighty- four degrees. This is the dreaded transitional period- when mother earth is moving from summer to fall with little mercy. In this kind of weather, it can sometimes be a challenge to dress for fall while still staying cool enough. Below are a few tips and tricks on how to transition your summer staples into fall during the not-so cool weather.

layer, layer, layer! throw on your favorite pull-over sweater over some of your staple summer pieces such as flowy dresses, skirts, striped tanks. Go bold in this area- your classic pull-over will look great over almost anything. Also, a quick way to instantly look more fall ready is adding a layered/ more heavy necklace to your outfit.
mix and match wearing shorts and short sleeves may not be very fall- like, but partnering your classic cut offs with a turtle neck and ankle boots is. This partnering will also keep you cooler than going full fledged fall attire.
texture be aware of the texture of what you are wearing. During this transitional time, stick with more lightweight materials. Go for a classic gray or black sweater, but keep the material light and breathable.
ankle boots I swear on ankle boots. Partner anything with ankle boots and it instantly looks more like fall. Wear them with your summer shorts, boyfriend jeans, dresses, etc. 

bye for now,