College Man

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around last night-
It's one of those stories that you start to tell, then have trouble finishing because you are laughing so hard mid story. HA. I have this friend named Gigi and she is everything you could want in a friend and more PLUS- she is buckwild. Yesterday, a package Gigi ordered arrived in the mail. It was a tattoo gun, an official TATTOO GUN. After numerous Youtube videos and little practice, Gigi was ready to start giving tattoos.

I can't think of a situation that is more college than this. I love it- I love the idea that when I am thirty years old with a family I will look back and remember this moment. This moment when my friend in college bought a tattoo gun offline and gave us all tattoos in the living room, using an iphone flashlight. As sketchy as this sounds, I don't think of it at all in this way. I look back at these moments with my sweet friends and think of their pure, genuine, loving, wild hearts and how I wouldn't trade a single thing in this world for sweet moments with them like this. 

Gigi Leonard and Dalee Ligion