Style Shoutout: Bell Bottoms

Jeans: joe's - thrift store
Top: mossimo - target
Shoes: covington - thrift store
Necklace: american eagle

After enjoying a thin crust margarita pizza and enduring thirty minutes of my dad trying on leather pants- really, truly this happened- my sweet, sweet father bought me my first pair of bell bottom jeans. It was about this time last year when I stumbled upon these Joe's jeans in a local Knoxville thrift store for $39. I know nowadays the technical term for these bad boys is "flare jeans" but I will forever call them bell bottoms. I am a firm believer that these will always be in style, although maybe a long stretch for southern conformists, yet can only be rocked by a select few. With the change of the season and fall approaching quickly, I am looking forward to pulling these out of my closet and getting weird, yet admirable, looks as I wear them across campus.

I like to partner my bell bottom jeans with a loose flowing tunic. With my skinny frame, the heaviness at the bottom of the jeans is best evened out with some heaviness up top. I find myself being more comfortable this way- and more confident! If I feel like my outfit is swallowing me whole and I need a little shape, I tuck in about an inch section of the shirt in the front. Due to the extra length near the bottom, I partner my jeans with heeled boots- the pointed toe for a little extra throwback.

where to get them:
If you aren't having much luck in your local thrift store locating a pair, do not fret! We can always count on Free People in times like these.
Check out Free People's Denim Super Flare jean - $78